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Apple iPhone X Release Date and Pricing Availability

Apple iPhone X Release Date and Pricing Availability

Apple iPhone X Release Date and Pricing Availability, Apple has just announces its newest iPhone which is the 10th-anniversary special edition. This is iPhone X. In addition to the iPhone X release date, Apple also plans an Apple Watch version that connects to upgraded wireless and Apple TV networks. Here’s what is known about the premium model.
The Specifications of new Apple iPhone X

  • New Design

The design has a new look without bezel around the screen. Almost the entire front of the phone is a screen saver as a cutout at the top of the earpiece, selfie camera, and sensor. The sides are thin lines made of stainless steel, while the rear is made of glass, just like the iPhone 4 produced in 2010.

  • The edge-to-edge design screen:

Without the presence of bezels and borders at the top and bottom, the focus on this model will be on the new screen. The OLED screen more accurately reproduces the colors and makes the content sharper. You can see more text, video and website information without scrolling down because the screen will be higher than the iPhone 7 Plus screen.iphone xThe screen size is expected to be slightly larger than the one on iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inches), but due to minus bezel, the overall size of the phone will approach the iPhone 7 which is smaller. This screen will also feature ‘True Tone’ technology, a sensor that allows the screen to change the temperature based on the environment.

  • Minus the Home button

There are additional features on the iPhone, there is also a missing feature. A decade after debuting the Home button as the primary physical control on iPhone devices, Apple decided to remove this button for premium models. Instead, there will be a thin virtual bar that can be shifted to display features such as multitasking and close (close) applications. Here Click Apple iPhone X Release Date and Pricing Availability

  • Minus Touch ID

Also removed is a fingerprint scanner. After first appearing in the iPhone 5s in 2013, the Touch ID feature in the Home button lets iPhone users unlock their devices in just a fraction of a second. This feature also authenticates Apple Pay transactions as well as downloads from the App Store.

According to Bloomberg report earlier this year, Apple is trying to include intake feature screen but collided with manufacturing problems. 3-D Face Unlock: Replace the Touch ID feature. There will be a 3-D facial recognition scanner to unlock the phone, called the Face ID.

It is designed to scan your characteristics within a few hundred milliseconds. Then, it can operate even if the device is put on the table. This sensor will also be used to authenticate payments and launch locked apps. Not only that, this feature can work in the dark.

  • Other models of iPhone x release date

In addition to iPhone X, two other models are expected to be similar to the current iPhone model, but with faster processors and the rear view that may be made of glass in favor of inductive charging.

It is unveiled on 12 September 2017. You can pre-order iPhone X from 27 October and the iPhone X release date is 3 November. The price of the iPhone X is expensive enough. It is $999 for the 64 GB capacity. Then, for the 256 GB capacity, the price is $1,149.

The Apple iPhone X Release Date and Pricing Availability For those living in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait or Qatar, iPhone X pre-orders also start on October 27, but the handset will arrive in stores a day later, on November 4.


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